B'nai Brith Alzheimer's Residence

Toronto, Ontario
Status: Under Construction

The project is a state of the art, four storey residence for mild level Alzheimer's patients consisting of 45 suites and multiple common amenity areas. Designed so that every floor is a self catering, individual "living pod" for the residents of a particular floor, each level contains communal living room and kitchen / dining space, creating smaller, intimate communities within the overall whole, enabling residents to feel at home. Two additional large multipurpose spaces, one on grade and the other in the basement, allow the residents of the building as a whole and their families to congregate for special events and occasions. Horizontal and vertical ribbons of glass punctuate communal areas, anchoring the corner and create a lively streetscape with views into and out of the building. The shifting of the punched windows of each suite creates an animated elevation, while subtly individuating one room from the other on the interior due to the unique placement of each glazed opening.


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