180 Sudbury Street Affordable Housing Complex

Toronto, Ontario
Completed: 2011

This project is an 18 storey 100% affordable residential rental building in downtown Toronto in the diverse and artistic "Queen West Triangle" neighbourhood of the city, and integrated into an overall development plan put forth by the City of Toronto. The building contains 190 units whose unit mix and program areas reflects the unique and distinct cultural character of the site: family and non-family units, live-work, and artist loft units, with art rooms and community spaces in the amenity areas at grade. Previously home to an industrial brick, century old former lamp factory, the new building echoes its historical roots in its podium base of brick arches, corbelling, metal, and escutcheon details, while providing the contemporary advantages of large expanses of glass at grade. In material and colouration, the building was also designed to connect with Toronto's historical building traditions. With its red brick base and buff coloured brick tower, the building echoes the red and buff colouration typical of Old Toronto's Victorian brick buildings.


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