1744-1758 Ellesmere Road Affordable Housing Complex

Toronto, Ontario
Status: Pending

The proposed project consists of a 13 storey, 100% affordable residential building, containing a mix of 150 family and non-family units, with retail uses on the first storey. Designed to be sensitive to the existing context, while maximizing the number of residential units, the building is L-shaped in plan and steps back significantly from the Ellesmere Road frontage as the building rises. Retail uses at grade level and balcony units in the three storey podium will promote a lively and secure streetscape along Ellesmere Road. While contemporary in style, in materiality and colour, the building links itself to Toronto's construction heritage through its three storey red brick base and the buff coloured brick of the tower storeys; a combination of brick colours typically used in Old Toronto's Victorian buildings.


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