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Maple Downs Golf and Country Club

Vaughan, Ontario

Maple Downs Golf and Country Club built in 1954 was fully renovated to include major additions in 2002. The original club facility consisted of a flat roof structure bisected by an outdoor courtyard which separated the main building from the men's locker rooms. Because of this separation, patrons were forced to have at times unwanted exposure to the elements between activities. The renovated design included a two storey addition linking the men's locker room area to the main building containing a library, conference and administration areas, a new grand entry lobby, and a renovated main dining rooms. Designed as a series of 2-storey glass and stone pavilions in the landscape, linked by a one storey masonry podium base, a significant feature of the project was the addition of shingled hip roofs, some topped with clerestory window "lanterns" which give the clubhouse a classic but contemporary style that is at home with its pastoral setting.


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