7/28/2017 – Tioga Downs Expansion

Tioga Downs Casino & Resort expansion continues with construction of a new hotel, spa, convention/banquet facilities and a variety of new food and beverage venues which are slated to open in November of 2017.

In addition, the new Tioga Golf Club is currently in operation during the 2017 golf season while the new clubhouse designed by CGL Architects is under construction.


Tioga Downs Casino Expansion opened on December 2, 2016 with an exciting event attended by David Climans and Bob Green representing CGL Architects. Tioga Downs Casino was the first casino to open in New York State eventhough it was the last of the four licenses to be approved. The expansion of the property continues with a new hotel, convention/banquet facilities and new restaurant currently under construction. A new Golf Clubhouse will also be added to the destination resort during 2017. CGL Architects continues to provide complete architectural and interior design services along with their team of engineers and specialty consultants for the Tioga Downs Resort & Casino.


Tioga Downs gets approval for full casino expansion October 14, 2015


Following the successful passage of new gaming legislation in New York State on November 5, 2013,  Tioga Downs announced the first phase of the expansion program at Tioga Downs Casino in Nichols New York which is being designed by Climans Green Liang Architects Inc.

The first phase of the expansion consists of a new parking structure directly connected to the existing clubhouse and gaming facilities which was completed October 2014.


CGL architects and their consultant team are implementing further expansion including a new resort hotel and spa, convention facilities, new restaurants, and concert venues which have been designed and drawings are being finalized in anticpation of expanded gaming at Tioga Downs.



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