Firm Profile


As architects, we are driven by the desire to create structures that will serve their inhabitants today and for generations to follow. Taking an environmentally conscious approach to the design and construction phases is the logical outcome of this forward-looking vision.

From private residences to large commercial projects, we endeavour to create buildings that are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient without compromising other strategic priorities.

We accomplish this by making thoughtful design choices that will maximize the contextual energy-conserving aspects of a structure, such as how the building is situated on the site, smart placement and sizing of windows and skylights, and creative use of overhangs. We then select environmentally sensitive building materials and integrate energy-efficient products and technologies wherever possible. We also collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape architects and other specialists who contribute their insights toward creating a sustainable building. The result is increased operational efficiencies and a lowered carbon footprint throughout the life of the structure.

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