Firm Profile


In 1988, David Climans, Bob Green and Carson Liang merged their distinct and complementary architectural talents to create a firm capable of handling the largest and most ambitious of projects, while providing each client with the personalized service of a boutique shop. Their work over the years has included a wide range of building types, including casinos, hotels, racetracks, recreational facilities, retail and commercial complexes, corporate interiors, condominiums, affordable housing and private residences.

Today, Climans Green Liang and their team are especially sought after for their depth of expertise in the areas of gaming, retail and multi-unit residential complexes. The firm's extensive work in these areas has afforded unique insights into all facets of the architectural process, including site selection and utilization, master planning, design, zoning and regulatory approvals, systems engineering and consumer marketing strategies.

The firm's work is characterized by a refusal to be aesthetically pigeon-holed; instead, they draw on a full spectrum of architectural styles, from traditional to modern, always seeking exactly the right mode of expression for each project.

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