Firm Profile


At Climans Green Liang, we believe that buildings have an enormous impact on the way people live, play and work. Our passion is creating structures that function in harmony with their contextual fabric and with the people who will inhabit them.

That's why it's so important to us to start each project by listening carefully to our clients, and engaging them in a dialogue to uncover what they want and need from the building. We are especially sensitive to any budgetary or other constraints within we must operate.

Instead of imposing our personal aesthetic preferences onto the concept development, we let the project's parameters - the purpose, the budget, the site, the regulatory context, the sustainability goals - guide us to a unique architectural solution that is both elegant and intelligent. We will then lead the planning design and construction phases to translate the building concept into a tangible reality.

Our approach is highly collaborative, creating synergies with our principals, our staff and our network of engineers and specialists. All of our clients receive personal attention from the firm's partners, who oversee each project through to completion.

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